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    OCTOPUS II is equipped with two robots carrying out all handling tasks. OCTOPUS II is the product of the OCTOPUS family, which offers the highest degree of flexibility and the highest number of functions. In addition to the functions, which are offered by OCTOPUS I HS, OCTOPUS II is able to rotate the parts in the stacking tower. This function is used for turning the products according to the specified packaging pattern. By rotating the parts it is possible to work with packaging patterns in cartons and gitterboxes where some of the stacks are turned in order to optimise use of space. Furthermore round parts with space division can be processed. The robot cell can be configured to full functionality. Through the OCTOPUS program KILDE A/S can supply customer specific end of line packaging solutions matching exactly your thermoforming production line and products. We live in a dynamic world and sometimes the conditions, which existed at the time the machine was bought, change. Options which are deselected when buying an OCTOPUS II can later be integrated without significant extra costs. Typically there is not much available space for end-of-line packaging solutions in connection with thermoforming production since this part of the process has often been performed manually. Therefore one of the determining design parameters for OCTOPUS has been to create a compact concept matching the existing production, so that OCTOPUS end-of-line packaging solutions can be mounted on existing thermoforming production lines. Some products are to be double stacked, others not. Some are to be packed in bags and cartons, others not. Cartons are to be palletized and loose products are sometimes packed in gitterboxes. The packaging process may vary a lot according to the requirements of the customer. Therefore flexibility has a high priority in the OCTOPUS design. It is possible to change from one product to another in a moment. If, for example, the carton erector has to be removed, this only takes 10-15 minutes. The thermoforming line typically delivers the products in stacks on a conveyor. In the OCTOPUS robot cell we use the conveyor as a buffer between production and packaging in order to increase the sturdiness of the entire line and improve availability. OCTOPUS II can be supplied with all functions to be expected of a state of the art end of line solution. • Buffer solution for process separation between packaging cell and thermoforming line • Double stacking, before as well as after the sleeving unit • Rotation of products for optimisation of packaging patterns, before as well as after the sleeving unit • Part inspection for process check • Vision solutions for process check • Printing directly on bags and labels on bags and cartons with printing data from ERP system • Filling of cartons • Carton magazine, folding and closing of cartons • Interlayer sheets • Palletizing